Dustless Chalk Supplier India

Dustless Chalk Supplier India

Dustless Chalks has is being widely consumed for blackbooard teaching in Schools, Colleges and other teaching institutions. The demand for dustless chalk is constantly risingand plays a critical role in the education in India.

The requirement of dustless chak is estimated to exceed 100,000 tons per annum in India, assuming 300 million people using dustless chalks, dustless chalk sticks and less dust chalks or the others.

We are leading suppliers for dustless chaks in india, chalks are supplied in bulk and at a wholesale price.

Folowing are the dustless chalk that we supply

White Dustless chalks

Dustless chalks are also available in verious colors.

Packaging details

1 Box consits of 100 sticks of dustless chalks

1 carton consist of 50 Boxes

contact us for all your requirement for dustless chalks In India


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